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Pedestal Sinks: Bring a Vintage Style to Your Bathroom

2022-07-06 16:30:29

What is a pedestal sink?
Pedestal sinks are mostly made of ceramics, vitreous china or fireclay and it’s usually used in bathrooms, more specifically, powder rooms or bathrooms that have small space.   
The configuration of a pedestal sink often includes two parts: the leg and the sink basin. This combination brings a vintage style to the pedestal sink and thus to the bathroom where it’s installed. This kind of sink used to be popular in the early 20th century and now it is coming back in recent years.  


What are the advantages and disadvantages of pedestal sink?
1. Save space
Compared with many other sinks, pedestal sinks usually have small sizes and they don’t need more space for cabinets. Therefore, pedestal sinks occupy much less space, which makes this type of sink top option for those smaller bathrooms.   
2. Lower price
Most pedestal sinks are at affordable prices, and they are usually cheaper than comparable bathroom vanities.
3. Easy installation
The pedestal sink is quite easy to install. But the pedestal sink needs the wall to be strong enough to support its substantial weight since the wall plays a crucial role in bearing the whole weight of the sink.


1. Limited counter space
The space of a pedestal sink for the countertops is quite small and even doesn’t exist, which means you have to find other places to put small objects on.
2. No storage space
Unlike bathroom vanities and other kinds of sinks, pedestal sinks offer no storage space. Therefore, extra separate cabinets, shelves or others are needed to store all the toiletries


Is a pedestal sink the right option for my bathroom?
A pedestal sink is a good option for you if:
1. Your bathroom is very small;
2. You have a low budget;
3. Your walls are strong enough;
4. You love the vintage style.
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