Ceramic Sink Factory Production Equipment

2024-03-18 11:16:39

In the modern field of ceramic sink production, efficient and precise production equipment is key to ensuring product quality and enhancing market competitiveness. For ceramic sink factories, the grouting production line and kiln are particularly important.

High Pressure Grouting Production Line: Compared to traditional manual grouting, the high pressure grouting production line has significant advantages. High precision molds can produce more robust and finer ceramic sinks in a shorter amount of time.

The advantages of the high pressure production line over traditional production lines include:
High Production Efficiency: The high degree of automation reduces manual errors.
Stable Quality: High precision molds for greater consistency.
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction: Decreasing the occurrence of sink defects and reducing production costs.

Non-Stop Firing Kiln: Traditional kilns need to be cooled down and reheated after each firing, while non-stop firing kilns can operate continuously without interrupting the production process.

The advantages of the non-stop firing kiln over traditional kilns include:
Continuous Production: No need for frequent starts and stops, thereby shortening the production cycle.
Uniform Temperature: Ensuring the consistency of ceramic sink firing quality.
Environmentally Friendly: Reducing energy consumption and conserving resources.

Boma has recently completed significant upgrades, introducing double the number of high pressure grouting production lines and brand-new non-stop firing kilns. These advanced pieces of equipment have not only significantly increased our production capacity but also enhanced our production efficiency.

Boma, as a manufacturer of ceramic sinks, maintains a commitment to quality and a pursuit of innovation, keeping us in a leading position in the sink industry. With this equipment upgrade, we can offer more stable sink quality, shorter delivery times, and better prices, making us a strong competitor in the North American market.

Please contact us at info@bomasinks.com for more information or inquiries. We look forward to growing and developing together with you.
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