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Are Vessel Sinks Out-of-Style?

2022-04-11 10:13:11
As we all know, vessel sinks are never the most commonly seen sinks for bathrooms. However, vessel sinks had an influence on the design world more or less in the last few years. In the late 2000's, vessel sinks enjoyed great popularity. Nevertheless, this kind of sink is now labeled as a short-lived fad. Therefore, is it true that vessel sinks are currently out-of-style? Let's take a look at the attractive and annoying points of vessel sinks first.
Attractive points of a vessel sink
It is obvious that the most attractive point of vessel sinks is their unique and various appearances. A vessel sink may be various not only in shapes and colors, but also in materials. It can be round, rectangular, oval or any other irregular shapes. As for the color, a vessel sink can be red, orange, green, purple, blue and other colors. When it comes to material, a vessel sink can be made of wood, glass, ceramics, etc. One of the most creative sinks that I have known is a vanity basin called “A Coffee Cup”. As its name shows, the vanity sink is shaped as a coffee cup. There's no exaggeration to say vessel sinks offer a great opportunity for designers to brainstorm.  
Moreover, the installation of a vessel sink is flexible. When mentioning the installation of a vessel sink, you may have above-mount installation in your mind. This installation of a vessel sink is fairly easy. Just make the whole basin rest on the counter. Apart from above-mount installation, there's also recessed installation.
Annoying points of a vessel sink
1. Prone to chipping and cracks. Vessel sinks are more prone to chippings and cracks for day in and day out usage since there's more exposed space of such a kind of sink.
2. Easy to splash water and tough to clean. Some sinks are designed with relatively shallow edges, which makes it quite easy to splash water. In such a case, the user has to clean much often.
Back to the original question, I do not think vessel sinks are out of style for now or the future cause designing will create new things continuously.

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