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What should be paid attention to when looking for a sink supplier

2021-04-06 10:21:06
For self-branded sellers, finding a reliable sink supplier is very important for establishing a brand in the future. If the first sink product performs well, the seller may continue to cooperate with the sink supplier.
Sink sellers with their own brands should pay attention to the following points when looking for a manufacturer:

1. Ensure quality
Sink products with your own brand label represent your brand and will affect the company’s reputation. Therefore, you must not forget to check the quality of the sink. After ensuring that you are satisfied with the samples and prototypes, place large quantities of orders with the sink manufacturer to avoid losses.

2. Is it reliable
When looking for a sink manufacturer, clarify these questions: Is the sink manufacturer experienced? Is the satisfaction high? Do they have a product that coincides with your product idea? How long is their product delivery time? Can you guarantee that it will always be delivered on time?

3. Is it legal?
Since the final sink product will be labeled with your brand, you are responsible for all possible legal issues. You need to understand intellectual property rights, including trademark and patent risks.

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